Is the module repairable?

It doesn´t make sence to say, 50% of all modules can be repaired. Instead StrikesAndSpares repairs 100% of all modules, which do NOT have a bad display or a bad microprocessor.

If you are going to send your module, we always try to repair it before the module is replaced. We prefer originality.


If the repair was not successful, there is no need to discard your watch. We have new modules in stock. Please click on link "New LED modules".

How much does it cost?

A repair is EUR 95.- including a full 1 year warranty. Add EUR 4,40 for return shipping in Germany, EUR 8,20 inside the European Union and 12,00 EUR for S&I worldwide.


We recommend to send the whole watch for a repair. Include a note with your name and adress and mail it to:

StrikesAndSpares Semi, Schweizer Allee 108 44287 Dortmund (Germany)

Expect the movement to be repaired within five days except for bonding services which take more time. We repair Hamilton, Omega, Pulsar, GP and Riehl LEDs.